Technology Assessments

State of Technology

Graphic created by Norton Gusky and Jeff Main for Questeq

In August 2011 I began to work for Questeq, a Pittsburgh-based company. Questeq hired me as a consultant to develop a new vertical market in technology assessments. Now I’m the “assessment architect.”

Our first effort is what we are calling the State of Technology. The assessment covers a variety of dimensions that includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Endpoints
  • Telecommunications Network
  • Security and Safety
  • Instructional and Administrative Applications
  • Operations
  • Service Levels
State of Technology Chart

Created by Jeff Main for Questeq

The process follows a series of steps that include:

  1. Determine customer priorities through an informal meeting and SurveyMonkey tool;
  2. Perform an analysis of priorities and develop a customized game plan;
  3. Perform the initial assessment using an online SurveyMonkey tool;
  4. Conduct manual collection of data including interviews with key constituents;
  5. Analyze and interpret the data;
  6. Create an executive summary, scorecard, and presentation;
  7. Share the results with the school or district.

Questeq performed the State of Technology of Assessment for the Beaver Area School District during the spring of 2012. In December 2012 Norton coordinated technology assessments for the Fannett-Metal and Keystone Oaks School Districts. In the spring of 2013 Norton assisted with a technology assessment for the Sharpsville School District.

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