Remake Learning

Photo by Norton Gusky Creative Commons 4.0

Photo by Norton Gusky Creative Commons 4.0

This page will serve as a resource for an Osher class at Carnegie Mellon for the Winter 2017 term. The links and materials shared can be used by any person according to the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution.

According to the WQED website:

The Remake Learning movement is a network of educators, artists, entrepreneurs, mentors, and community leaders. They’re working to re-imagine and re-envision the way education works. Thousands of people are part of this network, which is celebrating its 10th year of shaping the future of teaching and learning in the Pittsburgh region and across the nation.

Remake Learning

Remake Learning Network – WQED documentary from May 2016
Remake Learning_Overview – presentation by Gregg Behr

Robotics and DIY Learning

Birdbrain Technologies – case study from Remake Learning playbook about Birdbrain Technologies and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit with 3:52 video
Makeathon and Robot Petting Zoo – description from Birdbrain website with a 7:27 video about the Robot Petting Zoo from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California
Hummingbird and Robot Petting Zoo– presentation by Tom Lauwers

Transforming a School District

Elizabeth Forward – case study from Remake Learning playbook about the Elizabeth Forward School District with 4:34 video
Avonworth-fact-sheet – pdf about the Avonworth School District
Avonworth-pathways-faq – pdf about the new directions for the Avonworth School District
Pathways to the Future – presentation by Ken Lockette

Making and Learning

Children’s Museum – case study from Remake Learning playbook about the Makeshop at the Children’s Museum with 3:36 video
Making and Learning – link to web page describing the framework for learning through Making developed by the Children’s Museum and Institute of Museum and Library Services
National Maker Program with Children’s Museum as Leader in Region – March 2017 article from Pittsburgh Magazine about national project that includes 10 Learning Institutions from Western Pennsylvania led by the Children’s Museum.
Slide Deck – slides and info from visit to Children’s Museum

Connecting Learning to the Community

Assemble – case study from Remake Learning Playbook about Assemble, a community-based organization with 4:09 video
Connected Learning Alliance – web page describing the framework for connecting youth to their community based on interests, support by peers, and caring adults
Photos –  from Osher class with Neighborhood Learning Alliance Warriors
Osher Remake Learning – Wk5 – slides and info about Neighborhood Learning Alliance with final project link

Final Project