Quality Classroom Consortium – QCC

QCCThe Quality Classroom Consortium (QCC) began with a number of school districts using the Edinsight software from OnHand Schools. Over the years the group expanded to include any school district interested in using data to inform teaching and learning. QCC includes workshops and seminars to showcase best practices in areas such as data analysis, personalizing learning, addressing the Common Core standards. formative and summative assessments, preparing for the Keystone Assessments,  blended learning, and flipped learning. Norton coordinated the regional symposia until the spring of 2014, when the event took a hiatus.

The October 2013 QCC meeting included:

STEAM Learning from Kindergarten thru Grade 12–South Fayette integrates STEAM Learning in every grade—not just the secondary grades.


Cornerstone Assessments, Habits of Mind and the Common Core— Three school districts (Elizabeth Forward/Quaker Valley/South Fayette) are working with Bela Kallick and Jay McTighe to integrate the Common Core with authentic assessments while addressing the Whole Child.

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