2018 CoSN Conference: AI in Education

Photo by Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

Focus for Presentation:

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) publishes each year several 8-14 page reports, Edtech Next. This presentation will highlight the March 2018 report on “Artificial Intelligence in K-12.”  In the presentation Norton Gusky, a co-chair of the CoSN Emerging Technologies Committee, will highlight from the report:

  • examples at the Montour School District in Pittsburgh, PA of Artificial Intelligence based on research with Carnegie Mellon University;
  • the use of the IBM tool, Watson Education;
  • the historical development of Artificial Intelligence in K-12 focusing on Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor in the 1980s as it has developed into MATHia, a tool for the 21st century now in use by the schools like the Miami-Dade School District in Florida;
  • advice for District Leaders;
  • higher education examples of what’s next for K-12.

Jason Swanson from KnowledgeWorks will look at “What’s on the Horizon.”