Driving K-12 Innovation 2024: Tech Enablers

Each year CoSN brings together a global advisory group to look at Emerging Technologies as part of an annual report on Driving K-12 Innovation.  The advisory group first tackles “Hurdles,” and then “Accelerators, before moving onto Tech Enablers – tools that support smoother leaps over the hurdles and expansive changes in global K-12 Education. While many educators are talking about Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a Tech Enabler, the group I joined for a conversation about Tech Enablers looked at the larger issue of providing a “Rich Digital Ecosystem.” 

We agreed that AI plays a key role, but we felt that there was a larger issue that solves the connectivity, safety, data, and interoperability needs for schools. We felt that by focusing on a Rich Digital Ecosystem educational leaders “can focus on a clear vision (including definitions of common values, objectives) so teachers/students can focus on learning.” 

Our team went further to look at how we can think beyond silos (capital investment, IT, Professional Development). By focusing on a Rich Digital Ecosystem we can address all issues that technology best addresses. We felt that we could meet the needs of both the back end- the operational side of learning – as well as the front-end – the instructional learning environment. 

In the coming weeks the CoSN advisory group will finalize its conversation and come up with a report and share the findings at an online Summit in February 2024.  

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