Are outdated computers reverting students to a prehistoric era?

[For years I’ve wondered when we would move away from keyboards for digital input. Here’s an eSchool News article that provides some strong reasons to look at the use of a stylus or pen-based input with a computing device.]

November 17th, 2016
Photo by Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

Photo by Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

3 reasons why there’s an increased need to get rid of keyboards and move to pen-based computers for today’s students.

If today’s educators continue to encourage the use of keyboards instead of digital ink and paper, they run the risk of being a ‘pager’ teacher in a smart phone world, holding on to a past that has outlived its usefulness and limits students’ cognitive potential…at least, that’s what human history and recent research is telling us.

What Human History Tells Us About Keyboards

Communication in society has mirrored progress, but it has always involved a person holding a “pen”, even if that “pen” was just a pointed stick. The first recorded cave drawings date back about 40,000 years when humans first picked up a stick, dipped it in pigment or ash and drew something on a wall.

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