How Integrating Physical Art Into Digital Creations Expands Creativity

[Combining digital and physical art is something that makes STEAM come alive. In this Mindshift article discover how a teacher in Australia has found that using digital tools opens students to creativity unseen in just physical art. Here in Pittsburgh there are many schools integrating the arts into their STEM programs. I work with Birdbrain Technologies, a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff, that many schools have used with great success to combine physical art with programming and other digital skills.]

Photo by Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

Photo by Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

Students in Cathy Hunt’s art classes are constantly blurring the lines between physically created art and digital creations. In one project, students created fish out of clay using old pinch-potting techniques. But the project didn’t stop there. They then took photos of their creations and used digital tools to paint on the photos, adding color and design without fear that an unknown glaze would ruin their vision.

Once they designed their fish, they developed a storyline featuring their creations for a stop motion animation created by the whole group. When the project was completed students had artfully blended the physical world with the digital one, using the best of both, and creating a finished product that can be put online and shared with the world. The impact of that project goes far beyond a shelf full of clay fish.

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