Sharing the Screen in 1:1 Classrooms

Collaborative and whole-group activities in a 1:1 classroom can help build real-time people skills despite (and because of) the technology in students’ hands.

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Great ideas like Kahoot or Nearpod that tap into digital devices  but allow for collaborative activities.

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One thought on “Sharing the Screen in 1:1 Classrooms

  1. A 1:1 environment can be very challenging if the right supports are not in place. This involves many factors including professional development, infrastructure, and a great support team to troubleshoot unforeseen issues. While working as an administrator I built a 1:1 environment from the ground up with appropriate wireless support, a culture of collaboration from teachers and students and a place to explore what could be “next!”

    In the words of a former colleague….” it takes a village” to do something like this in your school.

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