Should Computer Education Cover More Than Just Coding?

Computers are not just about programming. There’s also a lot of theory — and science — behind technology. Coding bootcamps often downplay theory, and some university programs are too heavy on it.

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This NPR article tries to present a variety of perspectives including real-world needs versus university approaches. 

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One thought on “Should Computer Education Cover More Than Just Coding?

  1. i strongly think that any educational material should lend itself as a gateway to other related material. the best education is one that encourages and facilitates the exploration of knowledge.

    its possible to make related information interesting and provide background to the basics. for example, its very possible that you will never need to understand hexidecimal numbers just to code in a high-level language like python. and you certainly wont need that for the same reasons you needed it originally.

    but since hex numbers are actually more mainstream than ever (in wifi passwords, in ipv6 addresses) why not use all this talk of “code” as the perfect excuse to bring up such a related topic?

    too many digressions only make education more difficult. while too few only make it stale and boring. if a lesson is the seed of knowledge, related information makes the ground more fertile: plan/t accordingly.

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