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“From coding to stop-motion animation videos to sewing, the maker movement is becoming more and more popular with kids and adults.

Maker culture is a movement that embraces do-it-yourself tinkering with electronics and physical objects—it focuses on learning and trying out new practical skills, building a community of resources and experimenting.


Robotics and electronics are two hallmarks of the maker movement (electronics explores using electronic circuits, while robotics combines circuits, movement and sometimes software to create a machine or robot). Projects can be as simple as a making a light blink, or as involved as building an entire robot.


“Light switches, electronics [and] toys seem very closed off…The average person doesn’t realize they can make or impact them,” says Jennifer Turliuk of MakerKids in Toronto. MakerKids is the world’s first and largest makerspace that’s just for kids; it offers many different maker programs for children.


“In [robotics] programs, kids start to understand how these simple machines work. They can even make their own light switch,” Turliuk says.”

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Examples from a Canadian perspective with a focus on Making.

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