What It Really Takes To Get Girls Like Me to Code

[For years as the Coordinator of Educational Technology for a school district outside of Pittsburgh I witnessed very few young women taking AP Computer Science or other programming classes. I wondered what we need to do. In this Edsurge article you’ll hear from a high school student what worked for her. The key is gaining the real world experiences that we don’t usually include in our academic programs.]

By Mira Baliga Jan 8, 2016

Girls Who Code. Black Girls Code. Made With Code. Technovation. Girl Develop It. Girls Teaching Girls to Code.

These are some of the programs and organizations trying to reach gender parity in computer science by introducing girls to programming.

I have been involved with several such organizations. But by far, the one that has most significantly influenced my decision to pursue a career in computer science is Girls Who Code. Let me tell you why.

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