Personalized Learning – A Student Perspective

[For the past seven years I’ve researched and investigated what personalized learning might mean. Here’s an Edsurge article that does an excellent job sharing a story of a Utah School that has taken personalized learning to a higher level than most schools. The article shares the pluses and minuses by looking at two brothers who have very different learning styles.]

Dennis Pierce
Nov 3, 2015

Alex, 17, and Nicholas, 14, are brothers who attend Innovations Early College High School, a student-centered, personalized education school that is part of the Salt Lake City School District. It’s a very different place from a traditional high school. There is no standard bell schedule; instead, students can choose which of their classes they want to work on throughout the day, and when.

While it’s gaining popularity, there is still plenty of confusion among educators about what personalized learning looks like and how it works; there are numerous ways to implement it. Innovations High follows a flex model of blended learning; students complete most of their coursework online at their own pace, under the guidance of a classroom teacher. They also pursue offline projects and activities.

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