Wildlands School Personalizes Learning

[You hear the term more and more, but what is “personalized learning?” There are companies that sell adaptive software that can personalize learning, but I subscribe to Kathleen McClaskey’s work where personalizing learning is a system where students take ownership for their learning based on their interests and empowered teachers build relationships with parents and community members to provide real-world experiences for that learning to take place. Here’s a story about a school in Wisconsin that has chronicled its journey and shares its success story.]

Guest Post by Liz Seubert and Paul Tweed, Directors of Wildlands School, Wisconsin

It’s time people stop underestimating the power and intelligence of students. It’s time personalized learning is about the person, the learner, and all the possibilities within.

Most teachers would agree that they go into the profession wholeheartedly believing that students come first and every student deserves personalized learning. Yes! We agree. However, few seem to have an opportunity to put that philosophy into true action for one reason or another. Content, curriculum, state averages, standardized tests, school report cards, or whatever else government officials feel is important should not be driving education. But it seems to be.

Wildlands School (introductory video) has taken a stance and said, learners are at the top of the list. – See more at: http://www.personalizelearning.com/#sthash.3Q41ioeG.dpuf

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