The World Education Games Starting on October 13

Students at MACS

Photo by Norton Gusky/ MACS students working on Scratch project

New York – September 21, 2015 – The World Education Games (WEG), the world’s largest education competition which brings together 8MM students from 30,000 schools in 200 countries to challenge kids in math, literacy and science, is getting ready to unite the world in learning. The games will take place over three days from October 13-15. Five students will be chosen to represent the U.S. as WEG Ambassadors, working as education advocates in their schools and communities. Schools, as well as students from the ages of 5-18 encompassing all ability levels, are encouraged to visit and sign up to participate in the event.

“Since the event’s launch in 2007, the games have been very successful because they are inclusive and inspirational, offering students the chance to compete on a global scale,” said Peter Walters, CEO of 3P Learning USA. “It is entirely free for students and schools to participate and positively impacts not only the youth ambassadors that help to promote the program, but also kids worldwide. Over the years we have watched students get even more excited about the opportunities that education presents with this program playing an important role in inspiring our future leaders.”

The event’s 2015 sponsors include Microsoft, UNICEF and 3P Learning. In addition, Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator®, is a World Education Games Global Ambassador and avid supporter. Flansburg currently holds the Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can do using a calculator.

“From encouraging schools to nominate youth education leaders and inspiring kids from all over the world to raise money along with UNICEF to help support schools and teachers in need, the World Education Games is a program that is defining how we can all work together to get kids excited about education,” said Mr. Flansburg. “I truly love working with kids to make education fun and help them understand how it will transform their lives in important and positive ways.”

The event culminates into three separate competitions that take place October 13-15. Students are able to compete on any of those dates on subjects that include:

World Literacy Day—powered by Spellodrome—covers accuracy in spelling, grammar and comprehension.
World Maths Day—powered by Mathletics—challenges students on arithmetic and numeracy skills. At the end of the event, all students are given a computation age, calculated relative to the global cohort of participating students.
World Science Day—powered by IntoScience—tests science knowledge. Students are challenged with progressively more inferential and deductive questions using the TIMSS structure of knowledge, application of knowledge and reasoning behind the application of knowledge.

The World Education Games is also becoming a significant fundraising event with participating schools donating US$100,000 to UNICEF in 2013. This equates to 400 School-in-a-Box kits, benefiting 32,000 children. Importantly, 100% of the funds raised go directly towards supporting the UNICEF School-in-a-Box initiative. UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box contains all the essentials a teacher needs to provide an education. The kit can be used to supplement the minimal resources of a school that is already operating or quickly after a disaster. Portable and stacked with ready to use basic learning resources, the School-in-a-Box is specially designed for a teacher and up to 80 students. The contents are also developed to be used anywhere, regardless of language or ethnicity.

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