21st Century Skills Made Simple

[The term 21st Century Skills have been thrown about for over 15 years now. We really need a better term. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills developed a matrix around the 4Cs – Collaboration, Communication, Creative Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation. Today we’re now considering “dispositions” like persistence and grit. The Remake Learning initiative in Pittsburgh has assembled a playbook that addresses the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for any learning success. One of the schools cited, South Fayette, is one of my clients. They have made computational thinking the key for teaching and learning. Here’s an article that provides an overview.]

May 19, 2015 with contributions by Kathleen Costanza and Tom Mashberg

Photo/Ben Filo

Photo/Ben Filo

Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration is challenging, but it must become second nature in an increasingly competitive, global economy.

Advancing technology, globalization, and a demand for higher-skilled jobs mean the modern workplace requires far more challenging skills than it did two decades ago. Responding to these heightened expectations, educators are increasingly finding ways to instill a set of abilities that will prepare kids for the world ahead, commonly referred to as “21st century skills.”

But when you hear the term “21st century skills,” keep two things in mind: People have more of them than they realize, and with focus and learning you can develop many others.

Generally speaking, 21st century skills refers to the demands and expectations placed on students, teachers, employees, innovators, and others as they strive to succeed and prosper and in a competitive, multidisciplinary, and technology-driven world.

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