How do we prepare the students of today to be tomorrow’s digital leaders?

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Editor’s note: To understand the extent to which the skills taught in education systems around the world are changing, and whether they meet the needs of employers and society more widely, Google commissioned research from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU surveyed senior business executives, teachers and students. The key findings of the survey and the main issues raised by educators and students were discussed by a diverse panel at the opening session of Education on Air, the free online conference from Google on May 8th. Read the full report here.

Photo by Norton Gusky Creative Commons 4.0

Photo by Norton Gusky Creative Commons 4.0

With rapidly evolving business needs, technological advances and new work structures, the skills that will be needed in the future are shifting. In response to these changes, policymakers, educators and experts around the world are rethinking their education systems.

During Education on Air a panel of education experts participated in a discussion aimed at understanding how to best adapt education systems to the skills needs of the future:

  • Ken Shelton, Educator, Trainer & Google Certified Teacher, USA
  • Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist, Google, USA
  • Jouni Kangasniemi, Special Adviser to the Ministry of Education & Culture, Finland
  • Nicole, a secondary student from Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy, UK
  • Zoe Tabary, Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit, UK

The panel considered how to best help students learn and adopt the skills and attitudes that employers in the increasingly digital and networked economy require.

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