Using Digital Assessments to Personalize Learning

By Todd Beach on May 7th, 2015 | Comment on this post

digital literacySmartBlog on Education is shining a light on education technology innovations during May, exploring the latest products and tools and the hottest trends in ed-tech. In this blog post, we learn how next generation student assessments are different from past trends or fads.

As a social studies educator for the past 27 years, I’ve seen my share of educational fads and trends. Many of the strategies or tools employed in my classroom 10 years ago are not what I use today. One thing that has remained constant in my teaching practice is my need to make the best instructional decisions, based on data, for my students and to make the learning engaging and personalized for them.

That is why at this tenure in my teaching career, I am excited to see how next generation student assessment systems are becoming standard practice in the classroom. These assessment platforms or tools allow me to incorporate the formative assessment process throughout my classroom assessment practice. Next generation assessment systems allow me to efficiently create and conduct my assessments, engage my students, inform my instructional decisions and help my students adjust their learning.

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