Becoming Classroom Game Designers

Here’s a story about the TeacherQuest project shared by Remake Learning in Pittsburgh:

In this series of articles, we check in with teachers from TeacherQuest—a unique professional development program focused on games and game design.

Through this 11-month program, which includes a summer intensive followed by a series of online design challenges, teachers learn to design and use games to develop 21st century skills.

Board games are back in style, and it’s more than just nostalgia fueling the renaissance. The games we played as children were teaching us English, social studies, critical thinking, and other essential lifelong skills.

At Avonworth Middle School in Pittsburgh, two 8th grade teachers are taking classic family night board games and turning them into collaborative learning experiences that the whole school can enjoy.

How Avonworth Incubates Innovative Thinking

When Mike Hall, principal at Avonworth Middle School, found out about the inaugural TeacherQuest program in Pittsburgh, he alerted Emily Hickman and Samantha Abate to the opportunity. They had already been a dynamic duo when it came to developing fresh new ways to engage the students, and they seemed like the perfect fit for the program.

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