Results from 2014 SpeakUp Survey

Annual survey finds that students say digital learning supports self-directed learning and collaboration

digital-speakupFifty-eight percent of high school students in a national survey said they use their own mobile devices for learning in school, and 47 percent of teachers in the survey reported that their students have regular access to mobile devices in their classrooms.

The information comes from Project Tomorrow’s annual Speak Up survey, which polls students, parents, administrators, and educators about their technology use in and out of school.

“We definitely have seen an increased sense of urgency around how to effectively use digital tools and content to be able to impact student learning,” said Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, during a Congressional briefing to discuss the data.

“There isn’t one recipe for implementing digital learning, particularly personalized learning. …As part of that, we’re seeing more and more use of digital content,” she said.

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