Model for Using Technology in Schools


By Taylor Soper on April 15, 2015

Located just south of downtown Seattle, the Kent School District (KSD) is certainly unique. It’s the fourth-largest school system in the state of Washington; it’s one of the most diverse districts, with 137 languages spoken; it’s home to a large refugee community given the close proximity to the airport and cheap housing available throughout the area; and it’s a district where a majority of the 27,000 students are on a free or reduced price meal plan.

The district also happens to be one of the most innovative public school systems in the country when it comes to using technology both in and out of the classroom.

Thuan Nguyen,
Thuan Nguyen, the district’s chief digital strategy officer.

From its one-to-one program that provides students with their own laptops to recently installed Wi-Fi kiosks, the district is recognized by educational organizations worldwide for giving students access to technology tools that ultimately help better prepare them for the real world.

“When we think about technology and innovation, and what it can do to help society, education is on the top of that list,” said Thuan Nguyen, the district’s chief digital strategy officer. “For us, the way we try to leverage technology in the Kent School District is to enhance the instructional process for kids.”

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