Live From Small Town America: Teachers Who Blog To Stay In Touch

MARCH 31, 2015 8:03 AM ET
Teachers Who Blog

LA Johnson/NPR

Katie Morrow became a teacher, among other things, because of wanderlust.

“I’m going to be a teacher because I can go anywhere in the world,” she thought.

She’s originally from a small town in Nebraska called O’Neill, population 3,700. “In the middle of nowhere, literally,” she says.

So where did she end up teaching? Right back in O’Neill. She fell in love with a hometown boy and ended up at O’Neill’s only public school. It’s K-12, with 750 students.

Morrow teaches middle-school English; she’s also a technology integration specialist.

She says she loves Nebraska, but teaching in a small town comes with its own set of problems. A big one is the sense of isolation. “Let’s say you’re the music teacher in O’Neill, Neb. You’re the only music teacher.”

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