ASCD Express 9.09 – The Four Cs of Next Generation Engineering Standards

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The Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA) Makerspace in St. Louis, Mo., is a drop-in, laboratory-like environment where students design products that serve an authentic purpose. Students choose what they want to make and are mostly self-guided in their creations. Andrew Goodin, facilitator at the GCAA Makerspace, provides an array of low- and high-tech materials for student tinkering. Goodin might use probing or clarifying questions to help students think about their design challenges, but generally, his role is to be a guide on the side—Makerspace learning is student-directed.

Norton Gusky‘s insight:

Great  video explanation of how a Maker Space can work within a school. Andrew Goodwin provides concrete examples of how he and the program function as an interative process of learning. 

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