Todays’s schools lack creative teaching and learning, study says | eSchool News

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A new survey reveals that creative teaching and innovative learning are stifled by an over-reliance on testing and assessment, forcing teachers to stay inside a restrictive curriculum that will limit students’ ability to excel in the future…

Norton Gusky‘s insight:

Programs at MIT and other places are trying to teach teachers how to creatively be creative. How does you school provide opportunities for creativity and innovation? 

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  1. High Quality ECE practices promote joyfully innovative teaching that then achieves creativity and learning success with students. When implemented with an integrated and holistic approach built around child development, relationships, standards, observation, and formative assessment, the resourcefulness of play can naturally be tapped. Play is simple and complex* and analogous to the lab that accompanies the science lecture. * (* “10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play” by Laurel Bongiorno, director of Champlain College’s graduate program in early childhood education, with specializations in teaching and administration, in Burlington, Vermont; © NAEYC — Promoting excellence in early childhood education)

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