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How close to reality are some of our most futuristic fantasies? Consider that going to the moon was once a giant step for mankind, but in the near future you’ll be able to purchase a two week vacation to the International Space Station (if you’ve got a few million bucks to spare, of course). Just a few of the innovations mentioned. 


Microscopic nanorobots placed inside the human body to fight disease from within will make enormous strides in the next ten years.


Computer Eyewear
What if you could simply touch a button on your sunglasses and instantly record your surroundings exactly as you see them? Check out


Genome Sequencing
The building blocks of the human body may contain clues to unlock underlying causes of diseases. Life Technologies is producing a genome sequencing map to explore an individual’s DNA within 24 hours, potentially preventing future diseases.


Visual Learning Robotics
Imagine an Internet that thinks and sees like humans. Diffbot uses visual learning robots to extract and analyze content on the web the same way that people do.

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