Why and How Studio-Based Learning Personalizes Learning

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Pat Donahue, Assistant Professor at SF State University shares the benefits of Studio-Based Learning and why and how SBL personalizes learning. Pat is inspired by a passion to create engaging environments for learning.


“Primary concepts that drive studio-based learning include:


> Students work like apprentices in a common space under the tutelage of a “master”.

> Students interact when needed with each other on their designs.

> Students undergo periodic critiques, known as “crits,” of their designs, projects, or products. Crits are for gaining knowledge about your work. They occur student-to-master first and then evolve self-learning crits between peers.

> It is driven by the pragmatic. The idea is to get your hands in your work, get it done, revise it to perfect it, and self-evaluate the results.

> Final work or products are presented publicly.”


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