UDL Guides Personalized Learning to Meet Common Core

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides the framework to design personalized learning environments where all learners based on the Personal Learner Profiles are motivated to learn.


UDL is used to design curriculum, lessons and instruction based on the diversity of the learners in their classroom. The three principles of UDL are:


>multiple means of representation
>multiple means of expression and action
>multiple means of engagement


 When both the teacher and the learner understands how the learner learns best, they can work together to unpack standards and co-design lessons. This post shows how two eighth grade students identified how they learn best using their Personal Learner Profiles based on UDL. Then see how they drove their learning and designed a project based on the supporting question they chose. Everything was based on an essential standard both the teacher and learners chose.

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