Personalized Learning @ Colorado Springs SD11

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I had the opportunity to interview Greg Wilborn, Personalized Learning Coordinator at Colorado Springs who shared their journey to move to personalizing learning for all learners.


Here is  small excerpt from a thought-provoking interview.


Q. Why personalize learning?


“Because we finally CAN!


For the first time in our history, we have the tools and access to resources to allow individual learners the flexibility and freedom to pursue an education centered around their own interests and aptitudes. Educators and philosophers for centuries have yearned for education that is learner centered and molded by the learner as opposed to the factory system. While the desire has been there, the methods have been shackled by the restrictions of human interaction and delivery methods. There is only so much that can be personalized with one facilitator, 20 to 40 learners, and print media and production methods.


Personalized learning allows learners to have a wide choice of what they learn, how they learn, when, where, and how they demonstrate their learning.”

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