Personal Learner Profiles and Common Core – Personalizing Learning

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We realize that moving to a personalized learning environment where learners drive their learning takes time over several phases. The first phase is starting with the teacher so they understand Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how to teach and support all learners in their class. 


We are introducing the Personal Learner Profile, a tool to help each learner how they learn best.  Each learner is unique and we need for students to be proactive in they way they learn.  We have also included a scenario and how three learners could meet a CCSS ELA standard and how a classroom could be redesigned to support a personalized learning environment.


“To meet the standard ELA-RL.3.1, the teacher presents a story and offers multiple ways to read, listen, and respond to the story. To personalize the classroom, it can be set up with multiple stations so learners have choices how to learn and demonstrate understanding of a concept:

> Station 1: laptop computers

> Station 2: 2-3 tables grouped for collaborative work

> Station 3: teacher area with places for students to sit (rug or bean bag chairs)

> Station 4: individual area for privacy or journalling with mobile devices

> Station 5: standing or pacing area (desks could be high without chairs)”


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