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Blogger Eric Brunsell explores research suggesting that an added an online dimension can make classroom discussion more comfortable, and productive, for everyone.   I found asynchronous discussions seem to work best for some people who are not comfortable participating in live online discussions. I know myself that I might come up with something later and want to add it. “Not all students are in sync!”   “We have all done it: “participated” in a face-to-face discussion, nodding along in agreement, but not really present. Many of us have sat in discussions, afraid to throw in our two cents because we might sound silly. On other occasions, we have had a fantastic idea to share, but the conversation passed by before we had a chance to contribute.”   The author mentions ways to blend online social learning opportunites using Blackboard, Moodle or Edmodo. I created My eCoach ( over 10 years ago with discussion boards, blogs, and comment ability because teachers and students told me that’s what they wanted. They still want it.    The 4 themes the author mentions ring true: 1. Processing Time 2. Anxiety Reduction 3. Size Matters (size of the group :o) 4. The Prompt Matters – check out the example prompt types.   I found online asynchronous discussions are ways for learners of all ages to engage with ideas and with each other in a safe environment. 

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