At TCEA in Austin, Texas

For years I wanted to travel to Texas and Florida to see the two largest technology conferences that bring tens of thousands of teachers into one conference hall. This year I made it to Austin. It’s wonderful to see the interest and excitement here in Austin. Here are just a few highlights from Thursday, February 9, 2012

Presenters: Steve Dembo from Discovery Education
Story-telling for the YouTube Generation
In his usual high-energy style Steve game new ways for students to create ways to represent their understanding of concepts or ideas. In his Prezi presentation he demonstrated:

  • Typography
  • Screencasting using tool like Google Wave
  • Wordie using Wordle as music video
  • MyFakeWall as a Facebook series of conversations with screen capture
  • – browser-based movie editing tool (15 minutes free per month)
  • Google Search Stories video – ten slots to string searches into a story
  • Green screening

Comic Life now has an app that combines the engagement of the previous computer version with the interativity of a tablet;
Edmodo now has over 200,000 K-12 users. This free social networking tool is a great way for teachers and students to interact and share thoughts, ideas, or anything else that WEb 2.o brings.


Geek Jewelry

New Ideas
In the hallways there were opportunities for participants to make “Geek Jewelry.” This is a wonderful way to recycle used computer parts and give students or educators an opportunity to use their creativity.

Keynote Speakers
Kim Komando shared her insights into the wold of technology based on her experience in life and on the radio.

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