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In this interview you will learn about UDL and how the principles of UDL could be used to help all students understand their own learning. Envision using the UDL principles to help learners understand how they learn and how to personalize their learning.    Universal Design in Learning (UDL) is about providing instruction and the appropriate tools to all learners so they are successful in meeting their learning goals. Personalized learning is all about the learner and starts with the learner. There seems to be some confusion about what UDL is from the perspective of personalized learning.   Q7:  Why is UDL necessary for all learners?  When any student understands how they learn, they are empowered to take ownership of their learning. This opens doors in having tools and resources that can help them become independent learners and motivated in learning, in and out of school. It also opens up windows of opportunities for learners to appreciate their aptitudes, talents and gifts and for teachers to guide and nurture them in the learning activities and projects.
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