Innovating Learning requires Innovating the Classroom too – “A Personalised Learning Approach”

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Kevin McLaughlin, a primary school teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator has initiated a “personalised learning approach” in his classroom. He has introduced the “Personal Journey” to students and it includes Numeracy, Literacy and an area where new discoveries can be recorded.   He has also designed The Learning Zone that is divided into 5 areas in his classroom:   1. Discussion and Thinking Zone – Learners can drop in whenever they wish to talk about their learning, find solutions, help each other and just to think and chill out. 
2. Discovery Zone – These contain laptops, pc’s and other technology that the learners can use to guide them on their learning, discover answers, investigate and solve problems, collaborate on projects and create presentations.
3. Show Off Zone – This is where the learners focus on discoveries they have made and demonstrate their understanding through writing, presentation, art work, display whatever medium they wish to present their work.
4. Repeat Level – This has evolved from my use of Gamification of learning and an approach that my class enjoy. Whenever any learner requires help, advice, explanations and is ‘stuck’ this is the area they come to repeat the learning so they can move to the next level.
5. Creation Zone – Creating content for use in their learning, creating presentations to demonstrate learning, blogging, refining, editing. It happens here and it’s usually very busy.   Thank you Kevin for sharing this innovative and personalised approach to learning!

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