Surveying how “Personalized Learning” is being defined…

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Tiffany Poirier, in her blog on Personalized Learning, has pointed out definitions develop by a variety of entities, from provincial school boards to organizations.  After reviewing these, consider participating in the Linked-In group on Personalized Learning to share your thoughts on this topic.   > CALGARY BOARD OF EDUCATION: ”Key components of personalization have been identified as integrating and differentiating curriculum, development of learner profiles, flexible program delivery, technology infusion, social construction, and individual student learning plans.” > BC MINISTRY OF EDUCATION – PERSONALIZED LEARNING BC INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION GUIDE:” Personalized Learning provides individual learners with the differentiated instruction and support they need to gain the required knowledge, skills and competencies and also provides them with the flexibility and choice they need to develop their individual interests and passions.” > NATIONAL COLLEGE FOR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP (UK): Personalised learning typically has five key components that enable pupils to engage actively in the management and design of their own learning: • learning how to learn • assessment for learning • teaching and learning strategies • curriculum choice • mentoring and support. > THE PERSONALIZED LEARNING FOUNDATION (CALIFORNIA): ”Personalized Learning puts the needs of students FIRST! Personalized Learning honors each student as an individual learner, recognizes that each student has his or her own learning style, unique gifts, interests, aspirations, and challenges to learning, and supports each student to learn in his or her own unique way.”  

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