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Via Scoop.itUsing Technology to Transform Learning

“Finnish educator Pasi Sahlberg and Chancellor Stephen Spahn of the Dwight School in Manhattan have big dreams for education. Sahlberg, the celebrated global reformer and author of newly released (and already in reprint) Finnish Lessons: What can the world learn from educational change in Finland?, spent the day at Spahn’s school in Manhattan.”   “Spahn (the longest standing headmaster of any school in New York city) describes his education vision as “a commitment to ensuring all students reach their full potential by helping them find and pursue their unique ‘sparks of genius’.”   “Both Pasi Sahlberg and Stephen Spahn believe in personalized learning.”   “More specifically, Pasi believes in creating a socially inspiring, safe learning community; schools that must be pupil friendly; schools that must allow more personalized learning paths. Keeping in mind the tremendous changes in learning that will continue to be made possible by the internet, social networks, and technology, Sahlberg describes his 4 themes for change in his book as:   1. Development of a personal road map for learning for each student.
2. Less classroom based teaching, more facilitation of students’ collaborative skills.
3. Development of interpersonal skills and problem solving.
4. Engagement and creativity as pointers of success.”

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