2020 Winter


Photos Norton Gusky CC BY 4.0

This winter the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) kicked off a new series of Design Challenges  with high school students from the Parkway West consortium of schools.  One of the Design Challenges engaged students to come up an interactive map and marking plan for what we’re calling the Gems of the Hill District. The second Design Challenge asked the students to design a more educational and interactive atmosphere for the Loop Walkway at the EIC.

In February I’ll be presenting an update on the Design Challenges at the PETE&C Conference in Pittsburgh. I’ll share four years of real world experiences with over 400 high school students. I’ll also join Birdbrain Technologies in the Exhibit area on Monday, February 24 and Tuesday, February 25, to share the new Finch 2.0. In January I traveled to the FETC Conference in Miami. I joined the Birdbrain Technologies team and worked on a workshop around Digital Equity. You can help grow the Finch Library by supporting Birdbrain as part of a FedEx opportunity.

As the co-chair of the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) Emerging Technologies Committee I sometimes represent the organization at national, state or regional events. This winter I worked on the new 2020 version of the Driving Innovation project with educational experts from around the globe. In addition, I worked with the CoSN Emerging Technologies Committee to draft a new Edtech Next report on Analytics and Adaptive Learning.

In January I joined AYA Instruments for a session at Parkway West Career and Technology Center (PWCTC) to look at the Sustainable Energy Discovery Zone installation at PWCTC and to understand the next steps developing a curriculum and workforce opportunities for schools and out of school providers with the Pennsylvania Solar Center. On April 26 AYA will sponsor a special Solar Day set of activities at PWCTC.